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Wellness – Integrity – Unity



Nature – Learning – Being of service


Education & Experience

Certified in:

Meditation Instruction – Reiki

Massage Therapy – Reflexology – Craniosacral Therapy – DisAbility Studies



My Story

I have always enjoyed working directly with people towards improved quality of life. Over the last three decades, it has been my privilege to study and work with various holistic healing modalities. It was in 2012, stuck in a pattern of unhealthy procrastination, that I recognized a need for personal and career growth. Something was missing. Inspired by a quote credited to Albert Einstein “If you want different results, you have to try different approaches,” I ventured over to the Chopra centre. Here I was introduced to the transformative practice of primordial sound meditation. This method was a catalyst to dissolving years of drama, limiting beliefs, and unhealthy behaviour patterns. What grew in the expanded space instead was a deep connection to the unconditioned Self - along with enhanced clarity, sense of purpose, heightened joy, and so much more!


I am so grateful to have discovered this wellness practice, for both my personal and career evolution. In 2018 I was certified as a Chopra meditation instructor and birthed Zentures Wellness. It is my honor to share these meditative teachings and energy treatments with you.


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