Welcome to Zentures Wellness.

I am pleased and honoured to share this space, in this moment with you.

Thank you for your presence.

As you are here, I assume that you are interested in enhancing your own life experiences, or the experiences of a friend, family member or group. Congratulations! In this respect, you are part of a rapidly growing group of people. Research has indicated that there is an increased intergenerational surge of interest in the fields of Meditation, Stress Management and Energy Balancing.

A little about me.... I am passionate about family, wellness, harmony,  and unity. I receive a deep feeling of satisfaction when engaged in meaningful connections with others, when in communion with nature, and during meditation while connecting with my core being. I thrive on growth, evolution and being of service. It is my greatest pleasure to witness others achieve and evolve.

Some roles that have allowed me to enjoy my passions revolve around assisting others towards improvement of quality of life. I have studied and worked in various healing modalities such as: Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, the disAbility Sector,  Reiki and Meditation. 

In 2012, my life was beckoning some challenging lifestyle changes. It was at this point that I realized a need to explore healing, and evolution in a new manner. Inspired by a quote credited to Albert Einstein "if you want different results, you have to try different approaches", I ventured over to the Chopra Centre to learn some new approaches. It was here that I was introduced to a type of meditation that has dramatically enriched my life. 

Over the following years, I felt a calling to share this profound, life changing meditation technique. In December 2018, I completed my studies as a Chopra Certified Meditation Instructor. I am so thrilled to be of service in this area! It is exciting for me to be able to continue on my own evolutionary journey, while assisting others towards exploring this for themselves, and ultimately, with the hope to contribute towards raising collective consciousness.


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