We all know how great it feels to operate on optimal energy!

Those times when we are in energetic balance - we are full of spunk, vitality and expansiveness! However, many factors can interfere with energy flow.  We may experience blockages, sluggishness, and fogginess - while at other times we may be hyper, jittery and over responsive.  Interference can be physical or emotional.  Energy balancing treatments aim to free up blockages, and bring the body back into the state of optimal energy flow.  

Our body is always striving towards homeostasis - towards its natural state of balance.  Sometimes obstacles such as stress, fatigue, inflammation and toxicity - either emotional or physical by nature - may interfere with the body being able to achieve this balance.  Energy balancing treatments aim to give your body the boost it needs to cleanse, restore, rejuvenate, and re-balance.  Each session is customized to your preferences and needs, to create an optimal opportunity for your energetic body to re-center, heal and free flow.

Modalities used: 

  • Reiki - a non invasive, profoundly relaxing, empowering energy practice invoking restoration and self-healing,

  • Relaxation Massage - a hands on treatment encompassing proven relaxation techniques from massage therapy, CranioSacral therapy and reflexology to cleanse toxins, release stress, and re-balance your energy flow. 

Energy Balancing


approx 50 minutes per session

INDIVIDUALS  $65 (per session)

  - 1 to 1 sessions

  - location: St. Albert