learn how to create inner peace in your life 

"Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence."


Meditation, in the most general sense, is a practice that takes the mind from the noise and chaos of the external world - to calmer levels of stillness, in the interior being


The type of meditation taught at Zentures Wellness is a mantra based meditation technique originating from the ancient Vedic tradition in the wisdom of India.  The mantras used are primordial sounds - the most basic, most essential sounds of nature.  These are determined based on your birth date and time.  The meditation is silent - using the mantra as a tool to disconnect from the activity of life. 


Meditation is actually the most simple process - involving only sitting comfortably, being able to close your eyes, and being able to think a thought.  Spoiler alert!  THAT’S IT!!  No paraphernalia, no equipment or special clothing - just you and your intention to sit in quietness. 


The profound effects of Primordial Sound Meditation are truly transformational.  By quietening the body and mind, one achieves a deep, restful rejuvenation; connecting to your inner stillness also connects you to your source - your source of inspiration, creativity, vitality, and joy.  Meditation is the most powerful and most natural antidote to stress; it helps guide us out from the rut of routine and past conditioning - towards developing our awareness of conscious choice making to better serve our authenticity.  With regular practice, meditation reawakens balance, tranquility and compassion.  It is recommended for anyone who wishes to enjoy deeper peace, greater freedom, and mastery of life.


Primordial Sound Meditation can be easily learned in four lessons over the period of 7 - 10 days.  Each lesson is approximately 1.5 - 2  hours long.  By the completion of this course you will gain: an understanding of the principles of meditation,  how to use your mantra effectively, all the practical aspects to build a successful and lasting meditation practice and, explore the higher states of consciousness.  In addition, you will be practicing meditation on your own several times and have the opportunity to experience at least 2 group meditations.

Primordial Sound


4 Lessons: approx 1.5 - 2 hours each

INDIVIDUALS  $375 (includes all supplies & materials)

*option 1:

  - 1 to 1 instruction in person (recommended)

  - location: St. Albert

*option 2:

  - via Zoom online

GROUPS (2-5 participants)  $325/student

  - in person instruction

  - location: St. Albert

GROUPS (6+ participants)

  - please contact us to discuss larger groups and alternate locations


Do I need to prepare or gather any supplies?

No need to prepare in any special way for this course. All necessary materials will be supplied. Dress comfortably. We do ask that you carve out adequate time from your schedule to honour this commitment, by arriving as unhurried, open minded and non judgemental as possible.

What are the homework commitments during this course?

After Lesson 2, you will be invited to meditate twice a day, and to reflect on covered content. The amount of time devoted to 'homework' is determined by individual choice.

What if I want to learn meditation but I am unable to attend in person?

In person, face-to-face, is highly recommended, however we do offer the course online via Zoom.

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