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No Experience Necessary 


 Zentures Wellness offers a mantra based meditation technique originating from the ancient Vedic tradition in the wisdom of India. Your personal mantra is determined based on your birth date, time, and location. The meditation is silent - using the mantra as a tool to disconnect from the activity of life. 

The benefits of a regular meditation practice are profound and transformational.  By quietening the body and mind, one achieves a deep, restful rejuvenation; connecting to your inner stillness also connects you to your source - your source of inspiration, creativity, vitality, and joy.  Meditation is the most powerful and most natural antidote to stress. It helps guide us out from the rut of routine and past conditioning - towards developing our awareness of conscious choice-making to better serve our authenticity.  With regular practice, meditation reawakens balance, tranquillity and compassion.  It is recommended for anyone who wishes to enjoy deeper peace, greater freedom, and mastery of life.

Primordial Sound Meditation can easily be learned in four lessons over a period of 7 - 10 days.  Each lesson is approximately 2.5  hours long.  


By the completion of this course you will gain: 

  • An understanding of the principles of meditation.

  • How to use your mantra effectively.

  • All the practical aspects to build a successful and lasting meditation practice.

  • Exploration of the higher states of consciousness.  

  • Experience at least 2 group meditations.

  • Be practicing meditation on your own.

Course summary:

Session 1: What is Meditation

Session 2: Mantra Ceremony

Session 3: Practical Guidelines 

Session 4: Experiences & Expectations



1-to-1 personal instruction $350

2-5 Small group instruction $250.

6 plus -Large group instruction – please inquire.


Children under 12 $100

Group Meditations

First session with Zentures Wellness is free.

Meditation Class

In-Studio Group Meditations

*At this time – all group in-studio sessions are on hold until further notice.

Please consider joining us online.

45 Minutes

 Fee: $6 


Online Group Meditation

Regular weekly themed group meditation over Zoom. These sessions are instructed with guided relaxation, themed reflection, silent mantra repetition, and guiding out. No experience necessary.

45 Minutes

First session with Zentures Wellness is free.

Fee: $6 


Lunar Online Group Meditations

The moon cycles are a great reminder for us to live consciously amid changes, and to nurture all aspects of our energies. These monthly sessions are a combination of reflection and ceremony. During the new moon, we focus on intentions. During the full moon, we focus on Forgiveness.

45 Minutes

Fee: $6

Take 15

A fifteen-minute morning mindfulness break! Each session is fully guided – including breathing techniques, and strategies to help develop or strengthen your mindfulness practice. 

Fridays - 10 am


45 Minutes

Fee: $5

40 Day Meditation Challenge

Are you ready to kick up the consistency of your practice, or craving support to build a daily meditation practice?
Join us for forty days of: daily email reflections, affirmations; supportive group chat; four-online group meditations; quarterly one on one phone or Zoom check-ins.

For more information about this exciting challenge and the perks, please request the 40 Day Challenge leaflet :)